Some of our speakers

I elaborated a substantive philosophical method, which has strong echoes in political philosophy, namely the via negativa of uncovering ‘manifest injustice’.

Tom Angier
Author of Natural Law Theory
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Empowered by freedom, each of us can, despite nature and nurture, make choices backed by determination and effort in order to build the character and personality we desire to have.

Kemi Ogunyemi
Lagos Business School

Human rights and natural law can be enriched deeply by Africa philosophy. Comparing their arguments is a win-win strategy to achieve what is reasonable everywhere.

Juan Carlos Riofrio
Author of Natural Law Code
Strathmore University

What police has achieved clarifies the complex nature of re-building a society after genocide.

John Wamwara
Moi University

Natural Law is easy to proclaim but difficult to define. Its principle depends upon the nature and rightful reasons of Human Existence from time to time.

Manjeet Kumar Sahu
Judicial Officer
Jharkhand (India)

The insights of African American communities shed new light on the crucial concepts of natural law and human dignity.

Vincent Lloyd
Author of Black Natural Law
Villanova University
United States

Self determination for Indigenous Communities, means taking charge of their Genetic Resources by righting the wrongs related to misappropriation.

Anthony Kakooza
Lecturer, School of Law
Makerere University

Natural law is not a matter of names; it is a matter of… what really matters.

Santiago Legarre
Strathmore University

Most rules of competition law can be interpreted to be in conformity with natural law.

Tihamér Tóth
The Cambridge Handbook of Competition Law Sanctions
Pázmány Péter Catholic Univ.

Callum D. Scott,
Associate Professor of Philosophy
South Africa

Any meaningful action on human rights and natural law should be rooted in the humanity in us; practically demonstrated in selfless devotion and commitment to furthering the interests of all creation.

Kwame Frimpong
Founding Dean ACCRA

The idea of natural law, that there are fundamental values that must be respected by all authorities, can and should be affirmed in every time and in every place.

Manuel Fontaine
Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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